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Kamizelka Oneill Slasher Comp Vest 2017 Orange

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Producent: O'Neill
Kod produktu: 2F1F-810CD_20170509160631


The O’Neill 2017 vest lineup defies known convention, sets a new industry standard, and leads the way for those who can only follow. Our Exclusive NytroLite Foam is more buoyant, 3 times lighter, drier and offers better impact protection than conventional foam.

Low Density Polyethylene which is expanded using Nitrogen in an exclusive process (which cannot be duplicated) The foam is actually 3 times lighter than regular PVC foam and it absorbs 15-20% less water due to the closed cell foam structure. The resulting foam is approximately 10% more buoyant than PVC meaning we can use less foam in each vest and it will still float the same.

• Reversible
• Sliced Foam
• Drain Holes

WARNING: *This vest is for competition waterskiing and wakeboarding. It is not approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. This is a wake and waterski wetsuit garment.

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